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:::::::   1-11-14  ::::::::::  Happy 2014...

   We're Back!  And we're ringing in the New Year with some local music.  Brewski's on Burke tonight, Ziggy's tomorrow.  Both shows are packed with great bands, so be sure to make it out.  Tomorrow's (1-12-14) show at Ziggy's is giving all the profits to a good cause, so if the music isn't enough, come and get your charity on.  Info on the calendar (TDDB.com), and ziggyrock.net.  Happy 2014 everybody.


:::::::   8-9-13  ::::::::::  OUR BAGS ARE PACKED, WE'RE READY TO GO...

   TDDB is heading east bound and down for back to back gigs on the road.  Come and see us 8-9-13 @ The Tavern in Durham, NC,  and 8-10-13 @ The Kraken in Chapel Hill, NC.  Doors will be open early, and the band will start at 9pm both nights.  Its a damn good excuse to get out for a night on the towns, be there!


:::::::   8-3-13  ::::::::::  BURKE ST. CLOSE DOWN

   Come help us close down Burke St. tonight @ Brewski's (1001 Burke St. WS 27101).   $ 5 a head.  Great drinks, and great music from the likes of "Bocangera", "Billsfault", and of course TDDB.  Doors @ 8pm, and we'll be going on late.  Come check out a full set with our newest superstar Johnny Walker on the Hammond organ, and help wish us well before we travel east next week!  There will be a treat for all you old metal heads at the end!  Hope to see you there.


The set list for tonight:

1.          Dirty Lil’ Secret

2.        Shades Of Grey

3.        Bottom Line

4.        Near Miss

5.        Frame of Mind

6.       What About Now

7.         In Memoriam

8.        This Time

9.         In the Day

10.       Reality

11.         Witness

12.        Dance For Me

13.        The Merchants

14.        Vos Votum

15.        War Pigs


:::::::   7-18-13  ::::::::::  WITNESS...

   Check out this fan-made video by pilot Matt Currin of North Carolina's AirCare.  It's TDDB's "Witness", an anthem for those who help others, placed over pictures of a solid group of people that see that very task through every day.  An older recording, but one we're proud to have involved!


:::::::   5-31-13  ::::::::::  SCOTCH, AND PLAYING LIVE...

   These are a few of our favorite things!  Yea, you know you sang that as you read it.  Anyways, we're less than a week out from TDDB's valiant return to Ziggy's to open for the powerhouse that is Candlebox.  Needless to say, we're excited to be back in front of you all doing what we love again.  But, that's not all we're excited about. We're going to be bringing a little something new with us.  TDDB is happy to announce the addition of keyboard/organ/synth aficionado Johnny Walker! Yeah, that's the man's name, check his driver's license.  He's a great addition to the band on a creative, musical, and personal level.  There will be more information on him soon as the website gets a bit of a makeover in the coming weeks.  Be sure to get your tickets: 6/6/13 8pm -  Candlebox, Miggs, and TDDB @ Ziggy's, and come help us welcome the newest member of the family.


Johnny D Walker - Keys:  Bio Coming Soon


:::::::   5-13-13  ::::::::::  BACK TO IT

   Allright, TDDB.com, and the band for that matter, has been all too quiet lately (our bad).   If it is any consolation for the devoted, and drooling fans, we haven't gone by the wayside.   "Anthemic" did well, and admittedly we rested on those laurels for entirely too long.  We've had broken promises come and go, and we've lost focus. But have no fear!  We're back at it.  We have been at work with songs of old, and new, and fooling around with a new addition to the band (more on that later).  We're booking, scheming, and working towards success as much as ever.  Let's start with a couple of "must see" shows coming up:  We are honored to be opening for yet another note-able national act:  Candlebox!  This will be @ Ziggy's  on June 6th, be there.  We also have a couple of dates "out east"  to try and spread the word, and would love any would be supporters to follow us out.  There's more to come, so stay tuned as hopefully things are going to start moving quickly for us once again.  You don't want to miss it.



:::::::   5-1-13  ::::::::::  IT'S TIME!!

 With the warm and sunny days just around the corner...summer is approaching and it's time for some LIVE MUSIC!! We are excited to get out and hit the stage and play some tunes for all of you!! New show dates as well as new cities are being added to our calendar!! We thank each and every one of you for your support!! We look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces!!


:::::::   2-26-13   ::::::::::  ANTHEMIC IS A HIT!


We're happy to announce that so far,  "Anthemic" has shown itself to be a massive hit!  Thank you so much to all of you who have shown your support by purchasing our music, we can never thank you enough.  For those of you who haven't gotten your copy yet, get to iTunes, Amazon, or CDbaby today and check it out!


::::::::   2-9-13   ::::::::::  HOW SWEET IT IS...


We’re going to kick up our feet, lay on the couch, and confess to you for a minute.  The members of TDDB have had some bitter sweet days as of late.  Life always seems to have something else in store to test ones constitutions.  However, tonight the karma train rolled in for us, BIG!!!  A great show, for a great audience, in a great venue, opening for a great artist!  Things could not have gone any better. To put the “cherry on top” the limited release of “Anthemic” was a wild success.  The band is humbled, and eternally grateful to see so much support for the music that it’s worked so hard over.  Now, for those of you who couldn’t make it:  We’re proud to announce “Anthemic’s” release to the world!  Find it here, cdbaby.com, itunes, Amazon, and many, many places more. You can order the physical CD as linked on this page, or as a digital download @ iTunes, or Amazon.com.  Buy it, enjoy it, let us know what you think of it! We can never thank all of you enough: you’ve helped this band find success, and so far as we can see, it’s still just the beginning!


::::::::   2-9-13   ::::::::::  COME ONE, COME ALL...


Tonight's going to be a doosy!  Ziggy's, Tom Keifer, The T. D. Dubois Band, and your very first chance to get ahold of "Anthemic".  Doors open @ 8.  Later, stay tuned for a special announcement from the band right here at tddband.com.


::::::::   2-3-13   ::::::::::  TUNE IN...


Tune in to Divakar on 106.5 "The End" tonight for what maybe a special treat...  Then e-mail him, write him, and let him know that you NEED MORE!!  In the mean time, check out this video that was made by a fan.  We love it,  and we NEED MORE too!!




::::::::   2-1-13   ::::::::::  GET EXCITED...


One week till Tom Keifer,  and one week to the limited release of “Anthemic”.  We’ve had a lot of excitement expressed to us over the album.  Time for a little more: lookie to the audio player and you will see three tracks off of the upcoming album!  “Dirty Lil’ Secret”, “Shades of Grey”, and "Vos Votum" (to keep you into some charted territory).   Don’t see your favorite song?  You'll still have to wait, but here’s the track listing:

    1. Dance For Me
    2. Dirty Lil’ Secret
    3. Shades of Grey
    4. What About Now
    5. Lost and Found
    6. Vos Votum
    7. Frame of Mind
    8. Back To Me
    9. Witness
    10. In Memorium (Full Band)


Remember to make it out 2/9/13 for the limited release of the Album and other merch.  Live music from TDDB, and Tom Keifer.   Meet and greet afterward, we’d love to see you there.


::::::::   1-25-13   ::::::::::  I HEAR THE TRAIN A'COMMIN...

We finally feel it's safe, and are happy to announce that our debut Album "Anthemic" will be being pre-released to the world on 2-9-13 at our show with Cinderella's Tom Keifer!  DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW! Tom is revealing some of his most intimate musical works, we have a great set in store,   we will have t-shirts and other merchandise on hand, and oh - did we mention THE DEBUT TDDB ALBUM!?  Be the first of 100 to get your copy before it goes on-sale on itunes, amazon, cdbaby.com, and tddband.com.  We'll be there after our set to meet, talk and sign whomever or whatever you'd like.  Check the calendar - we've added some dates.  2013: we're commin' round the bend.  Hope your excited, because we sure are!


::::::::   1-6-13   ::::::::::  YEAR 2013 STARTED: AND NOW WE MARCH!

Yet another great show, with another great set of bands, with another great crowd of fans (rhyme unintended) @ Ziggy's last night.  And with that, we're moving forward ON ALL ENGINES.  There's to be more video coming soon. The final arrangements are being made on the upcoming album "Anthemic", and TDDB is booking gigs.  The next scheduled of which is not by any stretch the least!  TDDB will be spending an evening with national touring act Tom Keifer (Cinderella) @ Ziggy's on the first show of his tour!  Don't miss it.   Then we've added a date in Durham in April.   More to come soon as the details get worked out, so as always, stay tuned...


::::::::   1-5-13   ::::::::::  NEW YEAR, NEW SHOW, NEW ALBUM (ON ITS WAY)!!!

Don't forget to get out to Ziggy's Tonight! Great music from "The N.O.R.M" And "Trinity Seed". Then, hear TDDB play  songs from their upcoming debut album "Anthemic"!

::::::::   12-31-12   ::::::::::  HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!!

Much to Mayan prophecy dismay we’re all still here.  Christmas, family, and tables full of turkey have come and gone.  Hectic work schedules, family and holiday cheer have made their stand for another year, and now 2013… Another calendar, with another set of unknowns to come.  Many will pledge to quit smoking, others to loose a few pounds, but not us, oh no, we’ve got bigger things in store! As promised, the band was hard at work over the month of December and we are happy to announce that The T. D. Dubois Band’s “Debut” album “Anthemic” is complete, and will be being released in the VERY near future.  This collection of 10 recordings is something that have us very excited for it, and the other offerings that come with it over the year 2013.  First things first though: time to start playing some live music!  Come see us Sat, Jan 5 @ 8pm, main-stage Ziggy’s where we’ll headlining a fantastic night of music with two phenomenal bands to kick off our 2013.  Now, it’s new years eve people! Go drink… be merry… be safe,  cause TDDB fans are going to want to stick around  for the year two thousand and thirteen.



::::::::   11-24-12   :::::::::: HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS

We would like to thank "The Genuine" and "The N.O.R.M." as well as everybody in the crowd again for another great show @ Ten-O-One.  We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate what was probably our last live performance of '12.  Now its into the Shed to record, and handle some business matters that our fans are going to want to keep posted on.  Make sure to keep following us at tddband.com, as well as on facebook, twitter and reverbnation.com.  Even though the gigs are taking a break, the band is nowhere close to done with 2012.  Thank you all!


::::::::   11-22-12   :::::::::: HAPPY THANKSGIVING

We have lots to be thankful here @ TDDB.  First I am thankful for my band mates who have put so much hard work into this band, and these songs.  Without them I would truly be lost and none of you ever would have heard any of these songs.  Second I am thankful for all the family and friends who have supported this process this far, and show no signs of quitting.  Lastly I'd like to thank all of you who show up show after show to support us, make noise, and make us feel like rock stars.  The month of December is going to be light on the live shows.  The band has been presented with some opportunities that I won't get into, so as not to break any promises.  Suffice to say however, we need a couple few weeks to get some business dealings in order, before we get back out to it.   Tomorrow night however, we are going to be out live, and we're very excited about this show!  Four hours of music for $7, intimate setting, good boose, you can't really beat it.  We have two great bands on the roster before us The N.O.R.M, and The Genuine, so be sure to get there early to show them your support. In honor of thanks giving we're breaking out yet another new song: "Apple Pie".  I'll be strapping on an electric guitar for the first time in years to perform this greasy, bluesy, ode to southern hospitality, and that drink "y'all" know from the mason jars.  Come out, come happy, it's going to be worth your while.  Thank you all for a great year, we'll be keeping you posted in December. - T. D. Dubois

Here's the set list for tomorrow night:

Shades Of Grey
Dirty Lil Secret
What About Now
Bottom Line
Lost And Found
In Memorium
This Time
In The Day

   Set 2
    Near Miss
    Back To Me
    The Merchants
    Frame Of Mind
    Vos Votum
    Matter Of Principle
    Apple Pie
    Whiskey Tree
    Dance For Me



::::::::   11-17-12   :::::::::: POST-THANKSGIVING SHOW.

Spread the word, be there!

Click image to download the printable *.PDF, and help get the word out!


::::::::   11-12-12   ::::::::::  WHATS THAT? VIDEO!?.

What a show, what a show, what a very good show!  TDDB once again enjoyed the hospitality of the Winston Salem peeps @ Ziggy's the other night.  It's humbling as always to receive the reception that we did, and suffice to say, we had a really good time!  Anyways, in an attempt to bring some new breath into tddband.com, we've added some video of the other night, as shot by the fans.  There's more to come from that same show, so stay tuned.  Also, we've begun working on a "Live From The Shed" video set to accompany the tunes, which you will be seeing re-recorded, mastered, and for sale in the near future!  For now enjoy our new video page, complements of the peeps in the crowd! 


::::::::   11-09-12   ::::::::::  GIG DAY, SHMIG DAY.

Now that TDDBAND.COM has a little face lift,  don't forget to checkout TDDB with Armonia, and Sok Monkey tonight @ Ziggy's.  Doors @ 8pm, TDDB should go on around 9:30 for a 90 minute set, to include some never before heard live tunes!  Also, keep your eyes peeled to the schedule as you'll see that we've added another date @ 10-01 Burke St. in Winston-Salem as our way of celebrating Thanksgiving...  the day after Thanksgiving.  That show is going to be a special one as TDDB Bassist Glenn Pounds' very own son will be performing with his band: "The N.O.R.M." (2012 "Rock the Block" Battle of the Band Winners). We will also be joined by the "The Genuine", for a night of family, friends, and holiday rock n' roll festivities.  As for tonight, as always, make it out, make plenty of noise, and feel free to take pictures and video to post online! If you're in a singing mood, below you'll find the set list to be performed.  Hope to see you all there!

Near Miss
Lost And Found
Dance For Me
The Merchants
Back To Me
Bottom Line
What About Now
Shades Of Grey
In The Day
Frame Of Mind
Whiskey Tree
Dirty Lil Secret
In Memorium
This Time
Vos Votum


::::::::   10-5-12   ::::::::::  A DAMN GOOD TIME

TDDB enjoyed the hospitality of Ziggy's in all of it's main-stage glory last evening for a crowd of almost 700 people.  The response was truly exciting!  We were approached by tons of fans and business folk alike, and managed to be out of promo materials by the time we finished clearing our gear off of the stage.  Sok Monkey, and Brett Michaels gave stellar performances as expected, and it was a good evening for all in attendance.   If you weren't able to make it this time, TDDB will be back at Ziggy's with Sok Monkey on Fri, Nov 9. @ 8pm.  Be there!


::::::::   9-13-12   ::::::::::  TDDB Store

To honor the excitement of our latest gig, we're releasing the TDDB store early.  It wasn't supposed to come out for another couple of weeks, but here it is for your patronage!  Enjoy!


::::::::   9-13-12   ::::::::::  TDDB WITH BRET MICHAELS @ ZIGGY'S

Well we've been promising exciting stuff, and now we get to make good.  Thursday, Oct 4 TDDB will be mainstage Ziggy's, opening for rock icon Bret Michaels!  Tickets are going fast, and predicted to sell out, so get em while they're hot!  Sockmonkey, TDDB, Bret Michaels, doors open at 8pm. Hope to see as many of you there as possible, It's going to be a great night!


::::::::   8-26-12   ::::::::::  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZIGGY'S

We want to congratulate Ziggy's (Winston Salem, NC) on their first anniversary at the new location.  We had a great show last night, and were honored to be part of the festivities!  We met a lot of good people,  heard a lot of good music, and enjoyed a lot of warm hospitality, so thank you to all.  So... what now for TDDB?  The band has some recording to do!  We've promised new songs, and your going to get them.  Also, we're opening up our ranks again to new musicians, and will be trying out some additional players in the weeks to come.  As far as shows? we've got some stuff exciting stuff in the works, but nothing set in stone yet, so we'll try not to make any promises that we can't keep.  As usual, stay tuned!


::::::::   8-10-12   ::::::::::  NEW SHED, NEW SONGS, NEW SHOW

Even though we didn't get voted in for the this years Weenie Roast, we'd like to congratulate the winners to their success!  As for TDDB: we have settled in nicely to our new, much bigger home base, and have christened the event by writing three new songs (to be coming soon).  "Apple Pie", "Whiskey Tree", and "Dirty Lil Secret".  Also,  we will be playing at @ Ziggy's 1 year anniversary party on Saturday, 8-25-12 around 5pm in the Tavern.  Come out to support us and many other local bands who will be kicking off their second year in the new location!  More Info @ ziggyrock.net.


::::::::   7-31-12   ::::::::::  CAN I GET A WEENIE ROAST?

It's been a while since the last update.  That is because TDDB has continued to be hard at work. There is a new "shed" (bandroom), and new songs on the way.  There are youtube videos and other media being put together from our last show @ Ten-o-One.  And, of course there will be more chances to come out and see TDDB live.  A live date that we'd love to throw in the works is the 106.5 "weenie roast", where they're holding a contest for a local band to open for a bunch of national acts in Charlotte in September.  To play get that gig however, we need your help!  Go to 106.5's website and vote for our song "dance for me"!  The top four will go to a battle of the bands, where one winner will be decided.   Thanks as always for the support!


:::::::::   7-8-12   ::::::::::  TDDB ON THE AIR

That's right tonight TDDB's song "Dance For Me"  was played on "106.5FM The End" as part of the local music show.  Lot's of TDDB fans tuned in to listen as our song was broadcasted over the airwaves for all to hear.  We were thrilled by all the support, and sheer number of people who took the time out of their lives to sit by their radio and listen to our little band's humble song be broadcasted.  Be sure to catch our next live performance Sunday, July 22 at "Ten-O-One" in Winston Salem.  Maybe radio play has gone to our head, but we want to hear some singing coming from the other side of the mic!


:::::::::   6-29-12   ::::::::::  Progress...

Good things on the way from TDDB! None that we can tell you about yet, as we don't want to make any promises that we can't keep, but you definitely need to keep posted.  We will say that in the near future, there will be benefits to being a subscriber to the TDDB mailing list if you aren't already.  Also we want to remind everybody that TDDB will be playing at "Ten-O-One" in Winston Salem this Monday.  It's an open mic, may be late, and will be only about a half hour set, but we would love to see as many people out to support us and the other bands as possible! 


:::::::::   6-19-12   ::::::::::  SUCCESS

Like a surprise newborn baby, TDDB came into the world, announced via it's website and a facebook campaign.  And like a supportive and loving parent the people fed us, and clothed us, and... ok you get the analogy.  Point being practice last night was filled with celebration as we discovered that our weekend campaign to get the world out was a success.  Over the course of 40 hours, a new person was exposed to our music every 12 minutes, from all over the country, and a couple different parts of the world.  Furthermore, from what we can tell, 4/5 music fans agree we're a hit!  All the songs got more plays than there were people who came to the site which means that many of you were listening over, and over.  All good news for a brand new band trying to find relevance!  Now it's our turn again, our resolve strengthened, a need to keep our would be parents proud, our next phase of plans in motion.  Very soon, all of you who stay tuned should be hearing exiting things from TDDB.


::::::::::   6-17-12   ::::::::::  00:00 TDDBAND.COM IS LIVE !!!

The champagne bottles are broken, the ship is heading out, and confetti is flying everywhere!!  Tonight is a milestone for us here at the TDDB,  just in time for father's day, TDDBAND.COM is official, live, and public!  We have tunes to listen to, pictures to look at, lyrics and bio's to read.  There's facebook, there's twitter, a mailing list; all alot of work coming through to this moment.  Now, we need your help! Share us with everyone you know. If you like what you've found here, get the word out.  Join the news letter to keep up to date and let us know you care,  like us on facebook, download the tunes and share them with all of your friends, then send those friends here! At gigs, take pictures, take the tunes and make youtube  videos....  we don't  care!  Everything is free and for the taking, we just want to hear about it!  If we are to be successful as a band it will take fans finding us other fans.  So weather your already a fan, or a first timer, welcome, enjoy, and thank you for taking part in our experience. 


::::::::::   6-6-12   ::::::::::  LIVE FROM "THE SHED"

A productive practice tonight: photo's and new audio to boot! TDDB is proud to release the first recordings in a collection entitled Live From "The Shed".  These were recorded during our practice and will serve as the best audio the band has to offer to date.  Uncut, unedited, live, and just mixed down for your listening pleasure.  With everything set up as it is, we can go from playing the song, to having a completed recording in less than an hour, so there's sure to be more on the way! Stay tuned also for video.  Download, or listen on the TDDB tunes,  Enjoy!


::::::::::   5-31-12   ::::::::::  IN MEMORIUM

The Dubois family has been shaken by the news that beloved matriarch Anita Dubois passed away today at the age of 79.  She was full of life from beginning to end, and faced adversity with poise and character.  She was also a party waiting to happen: rest in peace Me Mere.

Over a couple of hours, and the better part of a bottle I wrote this song "In Memorium" and thought I'd share.  - T. D.


::::::::::   5-28-12   ::::::::::  THE BAND IS RECORDING...

The band has begun recording again.  These recordings will be provided under the heading of "The Storage Sessions", and will be a collection of quality recordings from our practices.  We've made it a habit of recording practices anyway, but figured it was time to bring in the ProTools rig and get something together that would be worth you listening to. There will be a return of the old stuff, and a debut of a bunch of new stuff.   Later we hope to have video of these "storage sessions" as well, kind of a "Live from Abbey Road" type deal.  However first things first, the tunes. You should start to see some of these mp3's up on tddband.com by mid June.  Stay tuned..  - T.D.


::::::::::   5-24-12   ::::::::::   THIS JUST IN: TDDBAND.COM IS LIVE!! ...Sort of...

Here we are, moving up in the world.  My hopes it that www.tddband.com will become an all access pass for everything that is TDDB.  Music, Video, Photos, News, Blogs, Social Networking.  Currently we have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Listbaby (e-fanmail), and CDbaby accounts.  Though all of it is still in its infancy, if your here now its probably because your within our inner circle, and have been told about it directly.  Please look around, test things out, and send comments and concerns (use the message forum under contact) for improvements (for errors please include a description and what browser your using).  It's bare now, but we're working on the media needed to feed this monster, to keep it up to date, current, and attention grabbing for when this whole deal actually does go live.

Here's to the future!

Thanks - T.D